This book is for wives who are ready to heal…with realistic, hope-inducing answers
—Russell Willingham,
Director, New Creation Ministries, and author of Breaking Free and Relational Masks

Based on her own experiences, Miller has written a compassionate book that will help wives of straying husbands understand that sex addiction is not a simple matter of sin that needs repentance, but rather a complex disease that requires healing.   The author persuasively explains why cannot look to their husbands to make them whole, nor consider him responsible for their feelings.  She illustrates how so many of us grew up in dysfunctional families with rigid rules and limited expression of feelings, so that we became shame-based people with low self-esteem. Miller encourages attendance at Twelve-Step, self-help meetings and stresses the importance of getting out of the prideful victim stance and the whitewash of religiosity, so that they can reclaim their personhood and make their own healthy choices.  A powerful and breathtaking gift of this book is the first-person account by each of her 6 sons and daughters, now aged 14-26, of the effects on them of growing up in their family, and the lessons they have learned from the healing they witnessed in their parents.  This alone makes the book must reading!
—Jennifer Schneider, M.D.
Author of Back from Betrayal: Recovering from His Affairs

A must read for those who have experienced betrayal
—Doug Engberg
president, Prodigals International

An honest book about codependence and co-addiction. The author exhorts women to find the help they need
—Karen Crawford
Prodigals International